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Stay Close to Home

Our unique mix of services to young people, our access to good housing and our passion to support care leavers post 18 are why we developed our ground-breaking Stay Close to Home model.

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Ready or Not, the 2022 Government report which captures young people’s views on leaving care, confirms that approaching adulthood and leaving care is a time of extra challenges, anxiety and fear. It’s a familiar story to anyone working with cared for young people.

Key findings of the report are that:

More than a third of care leavers feel they left care too early

Many felt lonely or isolated and did not know where to get help for their emotional and mental well being

More than a quarter did not meet their personal adviser until they were post 18

Only a third had a say in their move on location and only one fifth in the type of accommodation

One in ten never felt safe when they first left care 

Many felt unprepared to manage money, budget, pay bills etc and this led into debt and some then committed crime to get money.

Wooden Hut
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Glass Buildings
Wooden Hut

We have numerous examples of how young people have moved within our services post 18 and are able to maintain relationship with team members they are familiar with.

Case Study

An autistic young woman in one of our children’s homes was very anxious about turning 18. Well before her birthday, we worked with other professionals and agreed she should move into a ROC Solid apartment which was staffed 24/7.


• Has a one-on-one support package with our Family Support team

Has a ROC Solid keyworker with whom she enjoys face-to-face support 

• Is becoming an accomplished artist and is pursuing her hopes and dreams

• Will have the opportunity to move into a ROC Solid house in the local community, when she feels ready to have even greater independence, and enjoy on-going support from familiar people.     

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