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Spooky Stockton

Our team at Stockton always make the ten-room contact centre as brilliant a place as possible for the many children who come through its doors every week.

They have recently been working hard to cast a spell on the reception area so that children can enjoy some Halloween atmosphere.

They have called in the help of some giant spiders and other crafty things. The staff board, where children can see the names of the supervised contact workers, has been transformed into a pumpkin feast. Each one bears a worker’s Christian name.

As soon as the Halloween things are taken down and Bonfire Night is over, it’s a sure thing that our ever-growing wardrobe of festive deeply boppers will begin to make an appearance.

We’ll be featuring some on our blog. In fact, we might well launch a Stockton office staff deeply bopper competition with the first prize of… a deeply bopper!

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