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Special delivery?

Image: ROC Solid support worker Michelle was gowned in PPE and ready to deliver a baby on one of her night shifts at ROC Solid.

Getting ready to deliver a baby was all in an evening’s work for ROC Solid support worker Michelle Collins.

The young mum-to-be had gone into labour in her flat in Hope House and the ambulance had been called but was dealing with life-threatening emergencies. So Michelle, all suitably attired in her PPE gear, was on the phone with the hospital doctor. Did she have towels at the ready? Had she sanitised her hands? Was the baby’s head showing? Yikes!

“I didn’t panic and I stayed really calm,” said Michelle who used to work as an auxiliary nurse on a children’s ward. “Her waters had broken and mum wasn’t keen on my checking for the baby’s head but I explained how important it was and she agreed!”

Two hours later, much to Michelle’s relief, the ambulance arrived and mum safely delivered her health baby girl in Darlington Memorial Hospital.

Well done Michelle – and it shows you never know what surprises a night shift might deliver!

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