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A critical incident

The little girl in supervised contact started to choke on a crisp. Mum and Nana just froze, unable to help. It was a case of John Readman to the rescue!

The highly experienced Stockton-based support worker sprang into action and did everything he had been taught over the years in his mandatory paediatric first aid training.

Within seconds, the crisp was dislodged and the three-year-old was later checked out by a medical professional. She was fine.

All 40-odd staff at Stockton have personal development plans and every year they undertake a range of mandatory and non-mandatory training.

The event was recorded as a critical incident and John simply went on to his next supervised contact after the event.

“Our paediatric training kicked in automatically when the child began to choke,” he said. “It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think.”

A great example of why we are rigorous in our training regime. Well done, John!

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